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About Us

By the grace of maa ganga, we established our school "Pyramid Yogshala" in the year 2013. With our hard work and broad knowledge, we gain an unique reputation in the field of yoga and meditation. We offer certified 100 hours yoga ttc, 200 hours yoga ttc, 300 hours ttc and yoga retreat courses that are taught by versed & veteran yog gurus. The philosophy of our school is quite simple and knowledgeable. The truly beautiful and pleasant surroundings of our school will surely take your heart away. Get whole experience of Indian yogi life at our school. The teachers at our centre are so flexible and known for its community as well as individual attention to students.

Pyramid Yogshala in Rishikesh focus at the every aspect of an individual is its health, food or stay; we always provide you the best. The stunning landscape that one can witness from our school is also one of the factors that attracts people from all over the globe. Away from the horde of people, our school is located in a quite solitude area that surely makes your yoga practice more pleasant and easy.

"A destination where Nature meets to Spirituality"
Real & Spiritual Yog Gurus

Our Teachers

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Ravi Nagar

Ravi Nagar is the founder of the Pyramid Yogshala and the co-owner of the Pyramid café with his family. He has a BA in Yoga from the Haridwar University and is currently working on his Masters in Yoga. He cares deeply about offering excellent, safe and personalized yoga education to all students, which is why he created the Yogshala. Ravi is a real Yogi and not just because of his yoga practice, but because of the way he lives his life, putting his personal best in everything he does, and the graciousness he shows to the people around him. He has a genuine care for people above the material, and this is why the Pyramid Yogshala offers the strongest yoga education in Rishikesh.

Anatomy teacher

Kushal Ji

Kushal spent a year teaching yoga to the Indian National Army, helping thousands of soldiers bolster their physical strength and alleviate the stresses of military service. He also enjoys volunteering at several yoga camps in Uttarakhand. He currently holds a Master’s degree in Yogic Science.

Leading Asthanga, Yogasana and Mantra Teacher

Satendra Pant ji

Yogi Satendra Ji is a certified & Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) from Yoga Alliance USA. He teaches Asthanga and Mantra and Yogasana also. He is very simple person with high state of intelligence and a very gentle soul. Everyone loves his true teaching & true nature.He Born in Rishikesh in the holy place and he is doing yoga from last 8 years. He also knows Astrology and had a good knowledge about Shri Bhagavad Gita.

Swami Amarna Ji
Meditation Teacher

Swami Amarna Ji

Swami Amarna Ji has done Osho Meditation Training Course in "OSHO INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION RESORT"in Pune, Maharashtra (India). He has well versed experienced in a different level of Osho Meditations and has been teaching many years in almost all the places all over India. Swami Amarna goes on felicitating, sharing Osho Meditation, Osho Visions too. Currently, he is residing in Rishikesh and continues serving and sharing his knowledge & experience from his Sadguru "OSHO" or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to the students from all over the world. Students really meditate, enjoy & Celebrate his classes the playful way of teaching and performing Scientifically & Spiritually which in tally with modern world and needs.

Rupam Pundir ji
Pranayama Teacher

Rupam Pundir ji

Roopam Pundir is a young and dynamic yoga teacher who specializes in pranayama. Her passion for yoga began at a young age, and she has spent many years studying under great masters learning all aspects of yoga but specifically focusing on the health and wellness benefits of pranayama and meditation. She is also currently furthering her studies pursuing her master degree in Yoga Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar, India. Roopam is a dedicated teacher with ample experience and is loved by all of her students. She pays particular attention to the needs of every student throughout each class and gives an in-depth and clear understanding of different breathing techniques and their benefits. Roopam leaves all of her students with a new and deep knowledge and understanding of pranayama that can benefit themselves and others for a lifetime.

Direndra JI
Yoga Philosophy Teacher

Direndra Ji

Direndra Ji is a master in Yoga Philosophy, meditation, pranayama and all related Yogic subjects. Having spent more than 12 years in traditional monastic education, and with more than 20 years of experience in Teaching, he is a gem that fascinates and and enlightens students that come across him. Qualifications : B.Sc. (Biology) from Government Autonomous Science College, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, M.P. Yoga Education : Learnt Yoga from Shri Urjanand Sarswati Maharaj, Shri Mahakal Yoga Ashram, Dev van, Joura, M.P. P.G. Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Kaivalyadham, Lonavala, M.R. Yoga and Vedanta from Divine Forest Academy, Swami Shivanand Ashram, Rishikesh, U.K.

Hatha Yoga Alignment & Adjustment

Manoj Rawat

Yoga has been Manoj’s calling since early childhood. He was introduced to yoga by his grandfather who encouraged him to follow the path of karma yoga. Later on in his life Manoj explored Bhakti and Karma in depth to take his yoga journey further. Being born in Rishikesh he has always been absorbed in spirituality and yoga, which is why chose to share his experience through teaching. Manoj developed his practice learning and living amongst communities of Swamis and Yogis. His understanding of traditional yoga grew at Swargashram, Sivananda Ashram and Jai Ram Ashram. Yogi Manoj is a teacher certified from the prestigious Bihar School of Yoga.

Pratab JI
Yoga Ashtanga Teacher

Yogini Yoshita Ji

Yogini Yoshita is is a certified & Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) from Yoga Alliance USA. She teaches Ashtanga. Yoshita Ji has also taught yoga in different parts of India to students of varying age groups. She is a bundle of unreserved joy, and is unlikely to be found without a smile on her face. Yoshita Ji brings the same energy to the classroom and makes learning fun for her students.