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Food at Pyramid Yogshala

satvic food for yoga students at pyramid yogshala
satvic food for yoga students at pyramid yogshala

Food is an important part of a Yoga Teacher Training Course. The schedule is intense and demands high doses of physical effort, so a good nutritious meal comes as a reward and a necessary repository of energy.

Ancient Yogis believed that what we eat has a huge influence not only over our physical well being, but also over our thoughts, and ultimately our emotional and spiritual well being. A Yogic diet is a balanced diet that is made up of non-animal foods with the exceptions of dairy items and honey (lacto-vegetarian). This diet can help you maintain the same energized light feeling achieved through the practice of asana, and support you on the spiritual path by generating more positivity and less anger and anxiety.

Eating the right kind of food is important in achieving a healthy balance in your body and mind. That’s why in Pyramid Yogshala’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Retreats we serve our students and guests three delicious Sattvic Yogic meals per day.

According to ayurveda (Yogic natural medicine), foods that are beneficial to us are said to be Sattvic, or pure. Sattvic foods form an ideal diet, keeping the body nourished while being easy to digest. They create new energy, clarity and a clear, calm mind, enabling us to use all our mental, physical, and spiritual abilities. Sattvic foods include cereal, fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, butter, nuts, seeds, lentils, rice, grains and honey.

Impure foods that can upset our physical or emotional balance are referred to as being Tamasic (stale) and Rajasic (stimulating). Too much of these foods can cause restlessness, agitation and a distracted mind. Foods in this category are sour or pungent foods like onions, garlic, curry, fish, meat, eggs, salty or spicy foods and beverages such as alcohol, coffee, and black tea.

At Pyramid Yogshala’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Retreats, our meals are prepared with high hygiene standards, fresh organic produce from local markets in Rishikesh, and lots of love from our chefs; providing everything you need for an intense day of Yoga practice and study.


Relaxing space in yoga school with table and chair
Rooms at pyramid yogshala

During your stay in one of Pyramid Yogshala’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses, you will be staying in the Pyramid’s Guesthouse. The Guesthouse is one of the best known in Laxmanjhula Rishikesh, and stands isolated half way up hill surrounded by forest and gardens, but still only 100 meters away from the main street where you can find local shops and restaurants.

The Guesthouse features a restaurant area where the Yoga Teacher Training Course meals are served. The restaurant is also open to the general public with Indian and International cuisine options available.

Pyramid Guesthouse rooms are simple but cosy. Each room is equipped with Indian style ceiling fans, a private bathroom with hot water, and twin beds. Most rooms have a stunning view of the Ganges River, which provides a relaxing environment to enjoy the mountains and river scenery during your free time between classes.

Single or double rooms are available for the Pyramid Yogshala’s Yoga Teacher Training Course. Room rates can be found here: