4 Weeks Online Hip Opening Course (with splits) - Live via zoom

"Expand your hip mobility, nail advanced poses! "

Open Your Hips for Better Mobility and Asana Performance:

Hip openers are crucial for advanced Yoga practice! They help you in every way because they free up the lower back and hips and make all the other poses possible. So, if there’s one kind of yoga practice you should repeat regularly, it’s hip-opening yoga sequences. Tightness in the hips is one of the most common conditions. The main reason for that may be that we spend large parts of the day sitting in chairs, cars, or on our beds. In contrast, we spend close to no time in hip-opening positions like a deep squat. So the problem is that tight hips can cause issues like lower back pain, spinal misalignments, and even injury or long-term damage. Hip-opening yoga poses can actually help loosen tight hips, thereby improving the range of motion and circulation. This, in turn, can significantly alleviate back pain. For Yogis, hip mobility is of extreme importance, for the most advanced poses, require a wide range of motion.

In this course you'll learn drills, tricks, tweaks and techniques to enhance your hip mobility in all angles.

Yogini Yoshita will take you by the hand and show you that, with correct alignment, right training and discipline, even you can do the splits!

Languages spoken::

  • English
  • Hindi

  • What you’ll learn when you enroll:

  • Expand your range of motion and mobility
  • Gain extra flexibility
  • Understand correct alignment for facilitating hip-opening
  • Learn to use the breath to complement your hip-opening movements
  • Learn advanced hip opening asanas
  • Level up your skills as a yoga teacher
  • Practice live with Yoshita, and get access to recorded videos for life

  • Fee : 49.99 EUR

    Course details::

    Duration: 4 weeks Days
    with instruction: 10
    Classes: 10
    Class duration 1h-1h30
    Timings - 12 - 1 pm ( IST )

    ● Week 1
  • Date - Monday
  • Introduction to basic hip opening stretches

  • Date - Wednesday
  • Deep stretchings of quadriceps , hamstrings , inner thighs and calf muscles

  • Date - Friday
  • Drills to improve hip mobility

  • ● Week 2
  • Date - Monday
  • Drills to improve front splits

  • Date - Wednesday
  • Drills to improve middle splits

  • Date - Friday
  • Over splits practice with variations of splits

  • ● Week 3
  • Date - Monday
  • Basic hip opening asanas

  • Date - Wednesday
  • Variations of Seated and Lying hip opening asanas

  • Date - Friday
  • Variations of inversion and standing hip opening asanas

  • ● Week 4
  • Date - Monday
  • Hip opening flow

  • What's included:

  • 10 Live classes via zoom Class
  • Recordings provided for life
  • Interactive Course: Questions and answer sessions with Yoshita
  • WhatsApp group for clearing doubts
  • Digital certificate from Pyramid Yogshala Rishikesh included

  • Tools needed:

  • Laptop /tablet /smartphone
  • Good Internet connection
  • Headphones (optional)
  • Yoga matt
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Belt

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